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Financial Counsellors and Clients

Welcome.  This page is dedicated to Financial Counsellors and their clients.

If you are a Financial Counsellor, we will be keeping you up to date with news and developments via a regular email update.  If you are not on our list already, please email [email protected] with your name, organisation, phone and email address and we will include you in our next bulletin.

If you are a client of a Financial Counsellor and have been directed to this page by them, there is a good chance they have already helped you lodge a 'hardship application' with your bank or lender and/or a complaint to one of the financial regulators like FOS or ASIC.

If this is the case, you now have a prime opportunity to get your loan application documents investigated to discover if there is any possible fraud present in your original documentation.  This is where the team at BFCSA can support your Financial Counsellor's efforts by helping you uncover any maladministration in your mortgage or loan documents.

We will question and research into the bank or lenders involved, its executives and core business leaders and its lawyers and solicitors who may also be acting in an imprudent manner.  Their tactics may include sudden requests for an updated valuation of the property attached to the mortgage or loan, requests for other financial details that are not relevant to the original loan application and subsequest hardship and other tactics that may be designed to take advantage of you in this difficult time.

Together, we will be pushing for compensation for the victims of maladministration and to have them put back into a position as if they had never met the bank or lender.  

Please register some details related to your situation and include some details about your Financial Counsellor so that we can begin assisting you with initial investigations into your loan documentation.  We can advise what to ask for and what is missing. 

 Financial Counsellor Clients

Have you found yourself in financial difficulties, in particular in meeting your mortgage payments?

Do you have a current Low Doc or No Doc loan,  even though you are on a pension or a low income?

Do you believe you have been treated unfairly by your bank or non-bank lender? 

Have you suffered the loss of your home because of an unaffordable home? 

Do you want to seek compensation for loss? 


[email protected]


Welcome Financial Counsellor Clients

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