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Provident Capital Class Action

This page is dedicated to all those people who have been unwittingly caught up in the suspect activities of Provident Capital.   We are questioning and researching into the Banks involved, its executives and core business leaders, its lawyers and solicitors who are acting in an imprudent manner.  Tactics included sudden requests for an updated valuation of the property attached to the mortgage or loan and then that valuation coming in markedly different to a recent valuation.  

Provident Capital has then used those new valuations to call in the loans immediately, placing the unsuspecting mortgagor in the precarious position of being accused of defaulting, despite the fact of never having missed a payment.    Several unhappy campers at Provident Capital have lost millions of dollars, their homes, their health and well-being and the security of being able to trust that they are protected by the regulators responsible, from blatant and unchecked consumer and bank fraud.  

Together, with BFCSA, we will be pushing for compensation to the victims, to put them back into a position as if they never met these Banksters.  Our aim is place all Provident Capital customers who have suffered loss, under the BFCSA Umbrella as a Consumer Initiative and collectively empower everyone in a properly organised quest for restitution.

Register some details of your situation and relationship with Provident Capital, so that the DELEGATES leading Your Action can use the power and strength in numbers, to collectively bring your Claim for Losses to Court .   A Class Action against Provident Capital is the only way pathway to Justice.  

Provident Capital Class Delegates will be sending a loud message to these Banksters and Regulators that enough is enough.  The Provident Capital Class have drawn a line in the sand and are prepared to fight back.  BFCSA (Inc) is here to gather you all together under the one united Consumer Umbrella.


 Provident Capital Class Action

Has your commercial facility been called up?


Do you have a current facility with Provident Capital that has you concerned? YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Do you believe you have been treated unfairly by Provident Capital? YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Have you suffered loss because of this? YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Do you want to do something about it? YOU'RE NOT ALONE!


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