Led by award-winning consumer advocate Denise Brailey, BFCSA (Inc) are a group of people who are concerned about the appalling growth of Loan Fraud around the world. BFCSA (Inc) is a not for profit organisation in the spirit of global community concern and justice.

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From My Window

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  • BFCSA: Australian Banks say ASIC responsible lending crimps credit

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    ASIC responsible lending crimps credit: ANZ and NAB John Kehoe  27 March 2019    ANZ Banking Group and National Australia Bank are at loggerheads with corporate cop James Shipton, who has slammed bankers for spreading a "myth" that the regulator's responsible lending crackdown is exacerbating a credit squeeze.    ANZ chief executive Shayne Elliot said bankers reacting cautiously to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's more stringent application of lending standards meant some home buyers and businesses "will find it harder to borrow".  He also rebuffed ASIC chief prosecutor Dan Crennan's ambitions to lock bankers in jail, in response to questions from Liberal MP Tim Wilson about unintended consequences from a royal commission-inspired clampdown.   "People should pay the consequence of poor behaviour or misconduct or breaking the law," Mr Elliott said at a parliamentary hearing in Canberra.     "I would have thought the right outcome here is not how many people are in jail but do we have a fully functioning financial system that is responsible and generating good outcomes for our...
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  • BFCSA: NAB axes controversial home loan referral program

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    NAB axes controversial home loan referral program Sydney Morning Herald March 25, 2019 6.14pm Clancy Yeates   Real estate agents, lawyers and sports clubs will no longer be able to receive payments from National Australia Bank for helping sell home loans, in a move aimed at rebuilding trust after the bank's reputation took a battering at the royal commission. Acting chief executive Phil Chronican on Monday announced the axing of NAB's "introducer" scheme, to take effect from October, saying that scrapping the payments was "the right thing to do". Referral schemes, such as NAB's introducer program, are used by banks as a way of drumming up business. They involve paying a type of spotter's fee to people who refer customers to the bank if they end up taking out a loan. NAB made nearly $100 million in such payments between 2013 and 2016, offering commissions of 0.4 per cent of loans,...
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  • BFCSA: Australian Big Banks' nice earners from DODGY LOANS are melting away. OR are they?

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    The big banks' nice earners are melting away Australian Financial Review Mar 22, 2019 11.00pm Karen Maley   After months of crippling humiliation before the Hayne commission, the last thing the country's big four banks wanted was another portent of looming competition. But that's exactly what they got in September when the country's largest super fund, AustralianSuper, announced it was committing £230 million ($425 million) to finance a new office, hotel and residential unit development in London, known as One Crown Place. It was a logical next step for AustralianSuper, which had already lent some $1 billion to Australian companies, but almost always in tandem with one of the big four local banks. In contrast, there were no local banks in sight in the One Crown Place deal – which boosted AustralianSuper's international loan exposure to more than $2 billion. In that transaction, AustralianSuper found itself rubbing shoulders with major global banks. It was a...
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  • BFCSA: Retail funds dominate in 50 worst-performing super investments Anthony Klan

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    Retail funds dominate in 50 worst-performing super investments The Australian 12:00am January 19, 2019 Anthony Klan   EXCLUSIVE  Every one of the 50 worst-performing balanced superannuation investments over seven years has been operated by retail funds such as ANZ, Westpac and IOOF, with just one product offered by the for-profit sector making it onto the list of the top 135 performers. In revelations that categorically bring to an end the fierce three-decade dispute between retail and industry funds over which is superior, secretive and highly detailed industry data obtained by The Weekend Australian shows that regardless of the investment timeframe or level of risk involved, retail funds are unquestionably consistently at the bottom and industry funds are consistently at the top. Despite every worker being forced to divert a portion of every pay packet into compulsory super since it was introduced in 1992 — and the key choice most people face...
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  • BFCSA: 7.30 Report’s “House of Cards” (Part 2) does the credit crackdown

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    7.30 Report’s “House of Cards” (Part 2) does the credit crackdown Macro Business11:15 am on December 12, 2018 Leith van Onselen ABC 7.30 Report last night aired the second of a three part special on Australia’s budding housing bust, which is well worth watching. The episode focussed on how the credit crackdown is putting heat on buyers and developers. The episode first features several quotes about systemic mortgage fraud and loose lending: MS ROWENA ORR, QC, SENIOR COUNSEL ASSISTING: Multiple bank employees across multiple branches in the Greater Western Sydney area were accepting false documents in support of loan applications. ANTHONY WALDRON, NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK LIMITED: People did step outside their responsible lending guidelines. ROWENA ORR: There were unsuitable loans. There was false documentation. KAREN COX, FINANCIAL RIGHTS LEGAL CENTRE: Just really inappropriate lending. We don’t resile from anything that the royal commission has identified… It then featured a short discussion...
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  • BFCSA: What Would it Cost a Country to Leave the Euro? That’s What Everyone Suddenly Wants to Know

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    You wouldn’t want to have your money tied up in Australian bank's   shonky hydrid bonds!    No wonder it’s back to re-financing and securitisation!    What Would it Cost a Country to Leave the Euro? That’s What Everyone Suddenly Wants to Know by Wolf Richter • Feb 7, 2017   It’s the closest the Eurozone has come to falling apart. Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, will get enough votes in April during the first round of the French presidential election but will be defeated in the second-round runoff in May, according to the polls. So at least hopes the French political class, and by extension the European establishment. They’re hoping Le Pen would be defeated because she is campaigning on taking France out of the euro (after holding a referendum) and re-denominating the entire €2.4 trillion pile of French government debt into new franc....
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  • BFCSA: UK Bank fraud victims - Banks pick and choose which victims to compensate via FOS

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    Sound familiar In Australia?  Doesn’t take much to know why our banks now all have internal customer advocates to control what suits them to investigate internally and what suits them to be investigated by the FOS!   Hope for bank fraud victims: 'We were robbed of £47,000 – but the ombudsman took our side' 3 September 2016   In what could be a breakthrough ruling for victims of banking fraud, the financial ombudsman is to order a high street bank to repay an elderly couple who lost tens of thousands of pounds in a conveyancing scam. The ombudsman, which settles disputes between customers and financial services firms, will tell Lloyds Bank to repay £47,508 plus interest to Donald Kelly, a retired professor, and his wife, Patricia. Its decision was based on what Lloyds knew about the fraudsters. Banks are supposed to check the credentials of all customers when they open an...
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  • BFCSA: Complete list of Wall Street CEOs prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    Bad business decisions are not a criminal offence but selling stolen goods off the back of a truck is...i.e. the real crime is securitisation...   This is a complete list of Wall Street CEOs prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis   By Neil Irwin Wonkblog September 12, 2013   Five years after Lehman fell, taking the global economy along with it, a roll call of Wall Street CEOs serving time for their role in the crisis looks something like this: Thanks, Dangerz0ne.   So, yeah. Zero Wall Street CEOs are in jail. But we did promise you a list:   1. No one. 2. LOL. 3. Wall Street's lawyers are amazing. 4. Etc. Etc. It's not that federal government tried to prosecute a bunch of them but lost the cases. There were no serious efforts at criminal prosecutions at all. Which isn't to say nobody is in jail....
    Nov 22 Tags: Array
  • BFCSA: Standards and Poor admit: pursuit of profits to bias its ratings. People Risk ignored

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    Does the S&P Settlement change EVERYTHING? 16 February 2015 The S& P saga rumbles on. Having been hammered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January [1], S&P has received a knock-out blow, and a $1.375 billion fine, from the US Department of Justice and 20 State governments [2]. And in what might the first of many private actions, S&P also reached a separate $125 million settlement with the huge pension fund California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS) [3]. What has received little publicity, however, are the implications of the S&P settlement with regard to Corporate Governance, in general, and Codes of Conduct in particular. In justifying the huge fine, the Justice Department said that “as part of the resolution, S&P admitted facts demonstrating that it misrepresented itself to investors and the public, allowing the pursuit of profits to bias its ratings”. In the many fines against banks,...
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  • BFCSA: Wells Fargo CEO resigns amid "a “criminal enterprise” while dodging any accountability.

    Posted by organza - 0 Comments
    Wells Fargo CEO resigns, bank president succeeds   Published time: 12 Oct, 2016 21:59 Edited time: 12 Oct, 2016 22:06   Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo & Co. John Stumpf has retired under pressure amid a scandal involving fraudulent sales tactics. Some two million accounts were created without customers’ permission. President and COO Timothy J. Sloan will replace him.   Stumpf stepped down from both of his leadership posts Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a person close to the situation.   Wells Fargo, which until recently had been the most valuable big bank in the US for years, settled a lawsuit with regulators and a city official last month for $185 million.   To meet sales quotas, the bank created accounts for unwitting customers, some of whom paid fines and fees on them. It is estimated that millions of customers were impacted. More than 5,000 Wells...
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  • BFCSA: ANZ revamps dispute practice and seeks to reduce customer complaints and handle the fallout

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    ANZ revamps dispute practice The Australian 12:00am April 15, 2019 Joyce Moullakis   EXCLUSIVE  ANZ will formalise new dispute resolution principles for matters involving individuals and small business as it seeks to reduce customer complaints and handle the fallout from the Hayne royal commission. The 15 general rules — which do not cover class actions or other legal cases involving groups — will be made public today. They include principles such as don’t defend the indefensible, be even handed, take quick action, assess ANZ’s position early and only litigate where there is no reasonable alternative. ANZ’s deputy chief executive Alexis George told The Australian the move to document the principles publicly was an “important step” for the bank to ensure they “cascade through” its staff and legal firms. “It has been a catalyst for discussion and we just didn’t talk about this internally,” Ms George said. “It will be an opportunity...
    Apr 16 Tags: Array
  • BFCSA: ASIC doubles wealth investigations - ie Two Investigations for 2019!!

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    ASIC doubles wealth investigations Australian Financial Review Apr 15, 2019 12.00am Edmund Tadros   The corporate regulator is investigating 90 cases of potential wrongdoing in the wealth management arms of major banks and financial institutions, double the number it was looking at last September. The update on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's wealth management project, made during a Senate estimates hearing, also revealed that the regulator has beefed up its staffing of the investigations to 70 from 45. In addition, 76 of those investigations have involved the regulator using its powers to force companies to produce information, said Tim Mullaly, ASIC's executive director of financial services enforcement. "Currently in that project, there are now approximately 90 investigations afoot. Since September, that's an increase of 45 investigations ... so it is a significant amount," he told the Senate estimates hearing. He said that 14 of the 90 matters were at the...
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  • BFCSA: NAB bid to stop meltdown in mortgage broker business

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    NAB bid to stop meltdown in mortgage broker business Australian Financial Review Apr 15, 2019 12.01am Duncan Hughes   National Australia Bank has lost the support of the country's largest mortgage broking group, with its market share among borrowers seeking to refinance more than halving from 8.5 per cent to less than 4 per cent, forcing it to begin offering sweeteners to shore up support. Brokers working for Australian Finance Group claim NAB's variable interest rate hike in January, the time it is taking to approve loans, senior management shakeout and fallout from the Hayne royal commission are behind the dramatic drop in the number of loans being referred. AFG says NAB has lost market share across fixed interest, investor, homeowner and refinancing over the past 12 months. NAB disputes the concerns, claiming it is committed to its existing customers, has "strongly improved" customer retention, and is the best-performing major bank...
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  • BFCSA: The housing bust and why it's likely to continue - Ian Verrender

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    The housing bust and why it's likely to continue ABC News 15 April 2019 Ian Verrender Business Editor     That's the problem with tearaway booms. The more exaggerated the run-up, the greater the pain when the inevitable decline kicks in. Australian housing prices have been unwinding at a serious clip now for close to a year and a half, led by the cities that kicked off the boom, Sydney and Melbourne. Suddenly, what previously was brushed aside as a healthy correction, now has regulators and policy makers, including the Reserve Bank, concerned. While the declines so far are yet to present a threat to the broader economy, they are unlikely to be contained. Even normally cool heads are predicting a continuation of the great Aussie housing market unwind for at least the rest of this year. The problem now is that the fundamentals driving the slide cannot easily be altered....
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  • BFCSA: RBA confirms weak housing market conditions

    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    RBA confirms weak housing market conditions MacroBusiness 12:36 pm on April 12, 2019 David Llewellyn-Smith   The new RBA Financial Stability Review is out and brimming with anxiety: Risks to the household sector have increased over the past six months given weak housing market conditions. Housing prices have fallen significantly in Sydney and Melbourne after the earlier large run-up in prices, while in Perth and other mining exposed regions, prices have been declining for several years. However, nationally, only a small share of borrowers have seen the value of their property fall below the value of their loan. Improved lending standards over recent years have supported this outcome. If there were further large housing price falls, the share of borrowers in negative equity would increase significantly. Even then, negative equity need not be problematic for financial stability as long as the unemployment rate remains low and households continue to be able...
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    Posted by Denise - 0 Comments
    I hope you managed to purchase a copy of this very important magazine article. A five page feature on MORTGAGE FRAUD.  Bank Rolled AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINE Greg Bearup & Anthony Klan Saturday 30/6/2018 The most FAQ:  HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW and WHY HAYNE WAS PREVENTED FROM CALLING DENISE BRAILEY TO THE STAND?  Given my extensive background into the Mortgage Fraud complaints during the past 18 years people ask why I have not been called to the Royal Commission which started with my pleading to Tony Abbott to call a RC in 2013.  Instead we were given a "Hockey Roots and Branch Fiasco" run by the head of the CARTEL David Murray who ha zero integrity in taking that position. In March 2016, I wrote 8 page letter on why consumers are desperate for a Royal Commission. Unlike Abbott, Shorten responded immediately.  His 2IC called me on a Sunday night (2nd April) and...
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  • BFCSA: A little laugh for all whistleblowers

    Posted by doyla66 - 0 Comments
    YES FOLKS  Its illegal to expose the things that public servants and their puppet masters have been illegally engaging in.  If you are a public servant whistleblower and you try and expose your Mindless Masters for corruption and illegal activity, you will be the one hanged...................Should we bring back the STOCKS in Martin Place?  No not the ASX stocks..........................old fashioned naming and shaming in public square!...
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  • BFCSA: Cartoon - Suspend Bank Licenses

    Posted by Denise - 4 Comments
    Suspend Bank Licenses
    If the Australian public's demands for a Royal Commission into the Australian banking sector are going to be ignored, the power to demand the truth will be felt at the coming election.   As the old saying goes, give them enough rope.... ...
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  • BFCSA: Homeless People or Peopleless Homes?

    Posted by Denise - 3 Comments
    Is this really what we want to see across Australia? Royal Commission into the Australian Banking sector, with broad terms of reference!  
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  • BFCSA: Cartoon #1

    Posted by Denise - 1 Comment
    3 Wise Monkeys
    We now have a resident cartoonist and will be sharing cartoons with you on a regular basis.  We all need a good LAF from time to time. "3 Wise Monkey" ...
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  • BFCSA; Brokers cry fowl after being caught out by PETTY CASH scammer.

    Posted by doyla66 - 5 Comments
    Dear members For once the shoe is on the other foot, in the online magazine 'The Advisor" ( just google it) brokers and advisors are whinging and bleating poor me after being caught out by a former financial industry person turned scammer. When I first started reading the article I assumed it must of  been large sums of money but no it sums of a thousand dollars or less. These poor souls are calling on everyone from ASIC to the police to act to bring this known fraudster to account, they are victims of fraud and want the courts to act. Well, well welcome to our world and we aren't talking little piddling amounts of less than a thousand dollars, we're talking in excess of a million dollars in some cases. The irony of this story is a lot of these people are the very people we trusted and yet they...
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