Often when you tell people your story and plight with the banks or to the media- they comment - but you signed the papers. My next question to them is - so you think it is okay that fraud has been committed and that the Banks are profiting from it? Are you saying that the banks are above the law and should not be accountable to the rules set by the law of this country.  No matter which way you look at it - a crime has been commited and it needs to be investigated. Isn't that why we have laws for?  Crime is crime. No sugar coating of it or exceptions.

When put that way to most people - they understand better and agree - if fraud has been committed - it needs to be investigated. So if you speak to the media - make sure you ask that question. Remain focused on the issue that fraud has taken place and the banks know it and are doing nothing about it cause they are making huge profits from it.! This is not okay or acceptable - it is white collar crime!!

I know most people are afraid to tell other people about there plight because of that comment. BUT A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED. Don't feel embarrassed to be a whistleblower. The banks prey on that.

Take a look at the Storm financial victims - people have called them gamblers, but no-one looks at the fact that fraud was the main instrument used in these dealings.  A crime was committed - FRAUD - why should it not be investigated?

Don't be afraid to stand up and scream - A CRIME  HAS BEEN COMMITTED INVOLVING THE BANK!! Call it what it is - A CRIME.!