YEEEEEEHAAAAAA     another country gets wise to the the Rothschilds parasitic banking system and boots them (the IMF) out ,and its high time that we  all as conscientious patriotic Australians follow their lead ,starting with the  peaceful  removal of the corrupt, unlawful administration   which is a private  corporation registered as "THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT " with the united states securities and exchange commission , this is nothing short of an invasion and takeover without having to use warfare  and the Rothschilds are just the tip of the ice berg of the whole sinister affair , what we believe to be our commonwealth ministers ,dedicated to managing our public funds, national assets and natural resources, are nothing more than instruments for the parasitic banking cartels ,to liquidate our country and funnel all of our wealth to their bosses, the world banks which are at the helm of this despicable and dishonorable operation .

Most Australians are not aware that we are being controlled by a private corporation which has manipulated our politicians to allow their industry to stand in place of THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA , without the knowledge or consent of the constituents by way of referendum ,this amounts to treason and a string of other monumental crimes against the good people of our country ,and is the reason were going down the gurgler faster than you can say what happened.
This material desperately needs to be studied ,and shared to as many as will look at it ,  because this epidemic of economic cancer is going to effect every one of us sooner than later ,as we are being robbed of our national wealth , as well,  our personal property is their target, mainly our homes and investment properties, and unless we band together and remove them,  they will continue  with their agenda to plunder and pilfer everything we have and own.
As we look at businesses both small and large all around us going broke ,and the dole cue getting bigger moment by moment, it must ring alarm bells,  and if it isn't,  then its time to wake up from this false sense of security which the politicians (liquidators) are attempting to pull over our eyes, Australia is in serious economic trouble and they aren't going to let us find out, because it will give the game away, we need to expose their deception and hold them accountable as they have done in Iceland,  Russia,  and now Hungary,  and  have proven to the world that the banking cartels like the Rothschilds are parasites feeding off of the wealth of nations using spineless traitorous politicians to make the way for them, and as soon as their gone the economy picks up, and good things start to happen, its not rocket science to work out what's really happening. 
If there is nothing else we can do than share this information around our circle of friends and family,  then that is better than ignoring  it and hoping things will change for the better, because it wont, that kind of thinking is delusional and unrealistic, just look at how a parasite operates in nature and see how the host is gradually weakened from loss of blood and poisoning, and if the blood sucker is not removed, death will surely ensue.
Do we really want to see the eventual demise of this young nation of ours which was once strong and virulent, and watch it fall into a state of discrepancy like that of third world nations because of parasitic banking cartels and spineless politicians, im sure none of us want this, but it will surely happen if we continue to sit on our hands and do nothing about it, and we need to remember, if we are not resisting the evil, then we are supporting it, silence is acceptance, please do your due diligence and check out this vital info and circulate it.