Dear members

I have just read the proof from Wednesdays Senate hearings, what a brave man and man of integrity is James and he like the CBA whistblowers are decent human beings who take the time to care and don't put the almighty dollar first.  To have a former insider into ASIC's sensitive policy making infrastructure expose it all to the Senators is a God send.

I am computer illiterate so if any member can upload pages 21-24( the juicy bits) it would be appreciated so all members can read how bad  ASIC is at the top, also Senators Bishop and Williams ask some good questions as well. I went to the Senate website and found the proof under Economics References Committee- Senate committee Wednesday, 2 April  2014 Performance of Australian Securities Investments Commission proof. The front page reads Proof Committee Hansard then next line Senate and then the Economics Ref. Comm.The whole proof is 45 pages and James Wheeldon's segment is pages 18-24, also the first speaker Dr Stuart Fysh also serves it up to ASIC but the biggest shock is when James talks about the meetings between ASIC and the banks and financiers and they tell not ask but tell ASIC what they want them to do for them.  Happy reading and thanks to anyone who can upload it to our website. Thanks Neil T.