36% of these loans were written by Bank Officers and Managers - no Broker involved.  We are sick of ASIC covering up for their banker mates and saying "the Butler Brokers did it!!!!"

 Neil T writes – “Paul emailed me back, to my gratitude and said  he wasn't aware of any emails from BFCSA members  If you want us to look at this we will need some specific details but initially keep it short.’

Alan Jones Production manager reckons in an email to Neil T yesterday that he has not heard from any BFCSA members yet about how the banks have financially crippled them.  2GB needs to know what the banks are really up to? 


Its up to bfcsa members to get this story out.

EG. BFCSA has discovered how our Lenders  are financially crippling Aussies via their own internal Credit Assessors who are committing fraud to this day, by altering our loan applications after our signatures were obtained and without our consent, to ensure the “deal fits” ...  just to ensure more lovely bonuses to the CEO's et al ....  

Whats more, the Net Serviceability Ratio has been altered by internal staff after the bank officers or broker agents send in the LAF to processing.  The income's are exaggerated by copied figures from the BANK ENGINEERED SERVICE CALCULATOR

The Credit assessor use a secret internal computerised Service Calculator, and the Brokers were given passwords to the same service calculator but geared to a different NSR.. so Brokers are even complaining that the Credit Assessors are altering the brokers calculations too...

ASIC told the Parliament, the Calculator is on that is on bank websites and for public access:  ASIC is lying to Parliament.



..........and how RAMS Westpac (and others) UNDERWRITE their own RISK Policy so they answer to no one about the fraud that they have committed by fudging our documents.. how very convenient!

..........and that  the Lenders master plan is to keep things at arms length by stitching up the Brokers to take the blame for all of this maladministration in lending..... sure there are a few rogue brokers out there, but:-

Brokers do not lend money BANKS DO and banks APPROVE the TOXIC loans.  

We want our lives back and our homes that have been stolen by the BIG FOUR AND THEIR SUBSIDIARIES.  We want our homes back that was stolen via fraudulent means, we have proof, and yet not a whimper from our Lower House Politicians and Regulators who have known about this banking scam for years, thanks mainly to Denise Brailey's high level research.

Why are we even asked to complete a loan application in the first place if the Lenders can alter them to suit their needs and not be punished for their predatory lending tactics?  THIS IS CRIMINAL!

Since there are more than 1200 Members of BFCSA and growing daily, why is there 100% alteration of LAFs?

It is time that our Politicians and Regulators used the laws that we already have had since 1980 to stop BANKS & their SPRUIKER SPIVS financially crippling hard working Aussie Pensioners and Retirees.   In fact retiree funds were on-lent to pensioners!

How safe is YOUR SUPER with such disgusting regulatory neglect ?????

The Government must call in the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE and start by jailing a few bank executives, who are the real criminal masterminds behind this banking scam.

Australia has not escaped from what the rest of the world has already experienced... Australia just managed to cover it up well  thanks to the Banksters' "friends" in high places at ASIC it seems to me.

There are an estimated $50 billion of these toxic loans out there and the industry hints the figure is higher.

36% of these loans were written by Bank Officers and Managers - no Broker involved.  We are sick of ASIC covering up for their banker mates and saying "the Butler Brokers did it!!!!"

So it’s time for all of us to start writing to Alan Jones at 2GB because he is the sort of man who will listen.................