The Federal Treasurer

The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP.

PO Box 6022

Canberra A.C.T. 2600



Dear Sir,

               Because of the incompetence of ASIC my wife and I have lost $240000.00.

We entered into a life long lease with Sterling New Life to secure a roof over our heads for the remainder of our life. We did our due diligence, and received advice that our money was secure and in a trust account. We have found out since, that ASIC had been investigating Sterling since 2015 and maybe earlier, and all the assurances given by Sterling were lies. Why was ASIC silent on this matter, as they were given plenty of warnings that something was wrong? Mr Treasurer ASIC is a Joke, and we demand compensation for their incompetence. If ASIC had done their job and shut down Sterling when they knew there was a problem, none of this would have happened and 100’s of people would be saved from stress and misery.




Yours Sincerely,