Dear Mr Frydenberg


We invested all of our savings through SilverLink investments to secure our retirement with a Stirling New Life Lease.

$135.000 plus $11.000 in fees and $13.000 on home improvements: TOTAL $ 158,000


Due to the collapse of Stirling  and its allied companies,  we as pensioners aged 77 and 69 years of age are now left with nothing and are facing eviction or paying rent for the property that we have invested everything in.


This has happened to us as a direct result of total incompetence by ASIC who had been  aware some years prior and I believe as recently as 2015 and failed to act. 


We invested our savings in 2018 !!!


How Mr Frydenberg can this negligence be allowed to happen within a Government department that we should be able to rely on to execute their job and protect the public in a timely and efficient manner.

There was nothing from ASIC to make us Buyer Beware, if there had been, we and hundreds of other victims wouldn’t be in this hideous situation.


If there is a Government policy of Buyer Beware and ASIC had such dreadful knowledge and information re these crooks, then why did the Government, as a co-citizen, advise us and share with us all of that same information so we could have protected ourselves. 


Surely that would have been the minimum thing to do.  We would have warned others if the bridge was broken up ahead and lives would have been ruined.  Decent people would warn others. Why were we not warned?  Who would make up a rule to keep quiet?


This incompetence has resulted in ours and many others total ruin and we demand $36 million compensation for all

monies stolen as urgently as possible.  We are all in danger of being evicted and left homeless due to ASIC negligence.