Dear Mr. Frydenberg


I am writing this letter in support of my mother whom has been a targeted victim by a gang of white collar devious criminals otherwise known as Sterling Group.

 My mother has been an hardworking tax paying citizen for most part of 40+ years and now a retired pensioner.

 The collapse of the Sterling Group has caused an enormous amount of stress, heartache and suffering for my mother and our family.  It is devastating as a son to see your mother on the brink of collapse.

 I have asking the Australian Government to fully compensate the victims of the Sterling Group Collapse.

  No-one would be asking for compensation if ASIC had closed down the PONZI STRUCTURE business model in 2001 and stopped These characters setting up again in 2007 and the STERLING in2015

 What the heck happened to the, "BUYER BEWARE POLICY and CONSUMER PROTECTION Mr. Frydenberg!

 I am disgusted on the lack of protection from ASIC and demand the Australian Government step in fix this mess caused by ASIC and fully compensate all victims of this Sterling Group SCAM.


Yours Faithfully


Tyron Youlden