And the comments continue whilst we wait for ASIC's next orbit (eg round in circles)....................From that height they can only see tall bank and insurance buildings the GREEDY BIG END OF pesky consumers.       This observant piece from a member:-

Great analysis Denise. I agree with Organza - we'd be laughing in the aisles if this weren't such a tragedy. 

The lack of depth in ASICs comments is what gets to most people. It's like they're parroting buzz words and catch phrases. 

As for having faith ... that's nice, but we're looking for real solutions, not just the public service PR fluff that keeps being recycled. 

It's like a conversation between robots with pre-recorded responses. 

But what we're saying is: "Danger, danger Will Robinson" and "Destroy Exterminate". 

And the boffins at ASIC are trotting out totally inappropriate responses, like they're on another planet, which clearly they have been for a very long time. 

Maybe putting each one of them in a separate room, playing back to them what they said, and asking them to explain what that actually means might assist with them achieving more meaning and better communication with the rest of us Earthlings. But I doubt it. Their internal filtering prevents them getting what the problem really is in the first place: they think in big numbers, broad concepts and can't chunk down to the anguish of the individual consumer who has lost everything. 

This must change - it's so obvious. But it's pretty clear that the same minds that have caused the entrenched culture and it's problems can't possibly solve the problem. Wheel in the external consultants - that's probably next - but if no one is paying attention to the reams of reports then it's unlikely that a perceived invasion of external analysts are going to get any traction in trying to get ASIC to behave the way we, as consumers, and the Senators as fellow consumers and leaders, are demanding now. 

It's enough to make you climb the walls, like listening to someone run fingernails down a blackboard. 

The solution: if we can't sack ASIC or starve ASIC into submission, send their management on holiday and reinvent it while they're away. There's no chance for consumers and authentic consumer protection in Australia  if these commissioners are running the show and getting away with their regular snow job reports to politicians. It has to stop and stop now, or we're all going to pay for their lavish lunches and pandering to the big end of town. 

Now, which Senator is going to finally pull the plug on ASIC?

ASIC crave our TRUST AND CONFIDENCE?    Never ever again!!!!