6th August 2019

Hon Scott Morrison MP


Prime Minister

Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600





Dear Prime Minister

I am following up from my previous letter to you concerning the loss of our monies of $110,000 plus and our retirement home due to the Sterling First collapse. We have previously sent mail and I might add had not one response from anyone including Yourself, Mr James Shipton, Mr Josh Frydenberg concerning the compensation we believe we are urgently due.

As you are very aware of ASIC inaction in this fiasco and now after paying taxes for the last 55 years and being a loyal subject we have been left with nothing. We are effectively having to pay for accommodation just to have a roof over our heads. Even though these funds was paid in advance to maintain a roof over our heads. This is the same for over 100 other couples in dire straights as we are who trusted the scheme with false assurances. We did our due diligence and now are being penalised with ASIC’s again inaction regarding Sterling First and all its sub companies. Tonight we were to learn the publicity promised internal investigation by ASIC was not and will not be initiated.

The need is urgent as this money represents our security without which we face the prospect of homelessness.

Due to ASIC’s negligence in Consumer protection we seek full compensation by payment of at least 28.6 million into a trust account with a legal firm to be nominated by Ms Denise Brailey of Banking & Finance Consumers Support Association (BFCSA).

We also seek a Royal Commission into the function of ASIC with a view to restoring its long neglected effectiveness in consumer protection.

Yours sincerely

R & B T