20th August 2019


The Hon Mr Albanese MP

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

:arliament House

Canberra ACT 2600


Dear Mr Albanese


we need your help in the Sterling fiasco


Denise Brailey has written to you a  very concise and informed letter, which spells out our predicament in detail. 

 Put briefly we lent monies to Sterling in 2018 and the interest we received would pay our rent for the rest of our lives

 However unbeknown to us ASIC had received complaints about this company as far back as 2015 and continued to turn a blind eye to their activities.  Sterling continued to take funds from unsuspecting retirees and use them in whatever way they saw fit, thus snubbing their noses at the law of the land


 Mr Albanese ASIC need to be investigated by a senate committee as they were derelict in their duty and caused many people to lose their life savings and a roof over their heads.



We are also seeking compensation as ASIC could have, but did not prevent this loss


If ASIC had acted when concerns were first raised and shut Sterling down none of this would have happened and the misery inflicted on hundreds of people would have been averted.


yours sincerely