dear prime minster


I am a victim of sterling new life I have lost every thing I own I cannot believe that asic has allowed this to happen

these two people ryan jones ray jones to trade they where well none to asic and had done this some years prior

this has caused major chaos in the lives of retirees this has caused many of these poor souls to be hospitalized and

doctors visits for stress related issues

the government must act fast to resolve this major problem within the retirees who are stressed to the limit and some

have threatened to end it all and not carry  with life I am stressed to the limit my self

asic should be made accountable for this and do the right thing and compensate all these poor unfortunate souls im sure if it was your parents

prime minster you would be up in arms and arresting these sterling scammers.


if the government do not  take the bull by the horns and resolve this major issue then its a crime against humanity this is very urgent prime minister

and needs to be dealt with fast befor retirees become sick and homeless there are 101 im one of them