Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

P O Box 6500  Canberra ACT 2600


Dear Mr Morrison,


I am one of the victims of the Stirling Group collapse. My wife and I have lost our life savings and are looking at losing the roof over our heads. I will get straight to the point. You as Prime Minister of this great country the buck stops with you. ASIC have known about Stirling since 2016 but have said nothing.

How can this be swept under the carpet when so many PENSIONERS have lost so much and not a whimper out of ASIC.

Back when you were Treasurer you supposedly had monthly meetings with ASIC was Stirling bought up? You now have to deal with an agency that could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag. ASIC seem to be a cash cow for the Government bringing in $800 million  a year into the Government coffers for doing what?

Mr Prime Minister I as a former Government Employee I can’t believe the report I am seeing regarding ASIC and how they go about things. I had the pleasure of serving three former Governors of Western Australia and it was drummed into us that we do not in any circumstances accept any gifts or hospitality. But I see in the Sydney Morning Herald reports that ASIC ARE DOING JUST THE OPPOSITE.

It is time you started to weed out some of these fat cats. The first thing to start to sort out this mess is to sort out ASIC and demand that ASIC pay back the $36 million to all of those affected by the Stirling collapse. Mr Morrison $36 million from $800 million is not a big hit on the budget. You could become one of the great Prime Minister by getting rid of those leaches that pray on the vulnerable.

You can set an example to all high rollers by incarcerating the scum bags involved with Sterling and sorting out that toothless tiger ASIC and returning our money.

Yours sincerely,