26th August 2019


Dear  Dr Chalmers


After investing our money into SNL, we were assured that we would be secure with a 40 year lease for our retirement.

My Husband passed away in April this year after suffering with Cancer.

In May I was faced with the bombshell that our money had gone and Sterling had gone into liquidation.

As you may understand, it has caused a lot of stress and worry as to what I was going to do , especially as now I am living on a single pension and face a very uncertain future.

The people who have stolen our hard earned money ie, Ray and Ryan Jones are criminals and should be locked away for this.

I am among so many other people who have invested into Sterling.  Some  are very ill and also in danger of losing their homes. 

Where do they go?

 We need our money back asap and deserve a more peaceful retirement.  We have worked hard during our working lives and paid our way.


Please hear us all and find the way to get our money back that belongs to us!!


Yours sincerely