ASIC claim the emails I gave to their executives are "merely marketing by banks."  Dear Reader, I invite you to be judge and jury.  I have over 2000 emails between various Bank BDMs and Middle Management to Broker Channel - all brokers all states in Australia.

In February 2013 I travelled 400km round trip to deliver to ASIC Commissioner a PACK OF 200 emails.  I placed all of these documents into my storage files in PDF form.

I then placed them on to this website for the world to READ.  ASIC had their crack team of five investigators pour over these documents, including the SERVICE CALCULATOR FORMS and ICW worksheets.  ASIC kept these documents for 4 months.  I then travelled same distance to ask ASIC to hand back my originals.  These are in a SEALED PACK.  I have not opened the PACK - its in a safe house - waiting for the ROYAL COMMISSION into BANKING to commence.  The documents will contain ASIC fingerprints.

ASIC's answer to me was "the documents are just marketing that's all..........................not evidence."

Cast your eyes upward to close to top of home page of this website.  CLICK ON THE LINKS  "ASIC Emails" and "LAF's"

These are a small portion of the documentation we have gathered.  If the Banks and ASIC have nothing to hide they will not object to me allowing the victims of scams including Broker victims of Bank Scams, to read the evidence for themselves.  Remember we have another 1800 documents to reveal over the coming months.

Thousands of broker have been stitched up with similar toxic loans.  I am now in touch with brave band of Whistleblowers.  BDM's had no idea they were being set up by their employers.  Yes indeed, the Brokers were the agents of the Bank and evidence by "Agent Numbers," on certain documentation.

Pay attention to service calculator and also the PASSWORDS into the Banking System……………………

Has ASIC been covering up for the Banks?  YOU BE THE JUDGE AND JURY.

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