Comment by NABbed Nanna Saturday, 22 March 2014 ยท                          

It is obvious ASIC are lame ducks in the worlds of fraud. In 2004 we owned a petrol station. At that time you could get a replacement fuel for the old Super petrol which was used in older cars. Unbeknown to us our fuel supplier distributor was just providing ULP unleaded fuel into our storage tanks. It was supposed to be the replacement fuel.

I had an irate customer come back after purchasing this fuel and threaten to wrap his chainsaw around my ears because it had blown up (his words). He intimated or rather stated our fuel was no good.

That incidence led us to have the fuel tested which showed the fuel to be ULP. Several other incidents occurred including Ski boat engines spluttering and overheating during the period we were unaware.

I phoned ASIC in regards to the fraud. ASIC were very enthusiastic initially and sounded like they meant business. ASIC indicated "If this was happening to your petrol station, How many more were being subjected to the same deal?" Nothing ever happened and I mean nothing at all.

This fraud by the fuel distributor could have had dire consequences for us if the customers had been injured or the engines were extensively damaged, for we would have been held responsible and no doubt sued. The supplier distributor continued on his merry way with no repercussions. Although this is a small incident and complaint, I would have thought it was worth investigating. No so!!!!