We are all good Australians who have worked hard to build our country and live good law-abiding lives.  We have all made many sacrifices along the way with the aim of owning our own home and rearing good children and instilling into them all needed for them to become good solid law-abiding Australian citizens as we are.  Not one of us ever expected nor deserved to be treated like imbeciles yet that is exactly what has happened and is still happening.

The authorised dream stealer called ASIC has ruined everything and is responsible for the theft of our homes, our life savings, our superannuation and in many cases our health and our sanity and not just for our generation who thus far have had to bear the brunt of their incompetence but for future generations who are the ones who will be responsible for dealing with all the home truths of what our Government Regulators allowed to happen. 

The next generation will inherit very little.......not what they expected and most certainly not what they deserve.  They have had to watch loved ones suffer the agony of lost homes after 25 years of sweat and going without just to own a home.   How very un-Australian is that???  

Just like in the Depression future generations will never trust Governments or the Banks.  1929 is still remembered today.

It’s downright disgraceful of course, criminal to put it mildly yet unbelievably still going on with ASIC doing nothing more than continuing to lie and cover-up for their own incompetence and still acting like the toothless tigers they have proven to be.   What ASIC is guilty of doing and are still doing is so very evil I personally cannot even find adequate words to describe.  In many cases it has seen some innocent victims have to endure the kind of torture that even hard-nosed criminals are not subjected to.  ASIC have done the wrong thing by every single Australian citizen – past – present – future – AMEN!!

Not just guilty of theft via fraudulent means but a whole lot worse than that -  no excuses  ASIC – no pretense either for proof is absolutely everywhere if you care to get your heads out of the clouds and do a bit of soul searching.   Not a good look Mr. Abbott.  

How would you feel if your own mother was one of us and subjected to lies, theft, torture and the rot some victims have had to endure and see her chucked on the slag heap of homeless people through no fault of her own other than trusting in the Government and Government Regulators.  We have been trying to warn you, trying to tell you something you seem to have forgotten re how the Government has the power to put a stop to what can only be described as silent terrorism on Australian citizens yet thus far all achieved has seen even more banging heads against brick walls, more homeless people and more drain on the government to provide housing and social security benefits – WHY IS THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION???

As Australian citizens, according to your own new Government rules, we do have the right to know don’t we or is the real truth you Prime Minister may not even know yourself? Treasury must have failed to brief you.   If the latter is true, I’m sure Denise would love to get a call from you to fill you in!