14 July 2019

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Sterling New Life Collapse


Dear Mr Morrison,

By now you should be aware of the financial and emotional devastation caused to so many vulnerable elderly Australians by the collapse of the Sterling First group of companies.

The plight of these victims is the result of the criminal intentions of a group of “business people” who were well known to ASIC because of their past shady dealings.

ASIC had been warned that corporate malfeasance was taking place by these people in 2015 but did nothing to protect existing and potential victims.

ASIC is an arm of the Australian Treasury. You were Treasurer during most of the time this malfeasance was occurring and as such had administrative oversight over ASIC’s actions and inactions and hence bear ultimate responsibility for the events that occurred.

You, as Prime Minister, are in a unique position to immediately effect a remedy to the financial pain suffered by the victims although it’s probably too late to ameliorate the emotional pain.

Obviously ASIC’s role and performance need to be evaluated. That is a legal imperative.

But apart from legalities what about the moral imperative?

Faced with this situation. Mr Morrison ask yourself this question “What would Jesus have done”?

Yours sincerely