Senator Porter,


I am writing to you in hope that you will look into the Sterling First Fiasco.

As a fellow Western Australian you are the one we look to in Canberra to fight for us and right the wrongs and help us regain our lost money. $28.6 Million has been stolen from us while your Government watch dogs ASIC was watching on doing nothing.

If ASIC had jumped on Sterling and there Ponzi scheme back in 2015 when they knew about Stirling we would not have had to go through all of this heart ache. ASIC don’t seem to have any idea when it comes to Ponzi schemes. They run around trying to look like they are doing something when really they have no idea.

I hope there is no collusion going on between ASIC and Sterling. Mr Porter I think there is only one way to sort out ASIC and that is a Royal Commission into how they are run and what sort of power they have. Because at the moment if they have power they are certainly not using them. No one from your Government seem to not want to get involved in sorting this mess out.

One thing I can’t work out is the perpetrators of this mess Jones and Co are still walking around a free as birds. They can cause all of this mess and not have to answer to anyone. If I tried to steel$28.6 Million would I still be free not on your Nelly I would be doing time. How come in this country we have 2 laws? One for white collar crime and one for us mere mortals. Federal Attorney General does that mean you can sort out one law for all and get these parasites behind bars where they belong. I don’t expect to hear anything from you as the silence from Canberra on this matter has been deafening. Is the Stirling Fiasco just too difficult to sort out or don’t you guys want to get your hands dirty. $28.6 Million will sort out all of the problems and you only have one department to blame for all of this





Yours sincerely