Chairman of Australian Securities & Investments Commission,
 120 Collins St,

VIC 3000



Dear Mr. Shipton

Re my letter dated 25th June 2019 Sterling First Collapse

First of all MR Shipton I would like to acknowledge your generated response to my letter one of the things I found very appalling was you stated in your generated letter this was a state issue am I correct?

I would like to ask you this can you tell me what the following are state or federal?


• Centrelink: Landlords inability to seek rental assistance;

  • Impact on the national economy re “Lease for Life” scams

:  • ASIC negligence; Fake rescue offers from $2 companies;

 • Liquidators accepting bogus offers:

  • Dangerous Buyer Beware policies;

  • ASIC permitting constant streams of companies to rise and fall

:  • Corporation breaches by directors

; • Failure to call in the AFP:

 • Failure to protect out international reputation re white collar crime; 

 • Banks approval of the leases in relation to lending;

   • Landlords being groomed in “secure future;”

 • False claims re ASX fundraising. 

 • Information Memo’s used instead of Prospectuses – outlawed in 1999?

To me theses are all federal issues can you prove me wrong?


Another point I would like to raise with you Mr. Shipton is on Sunday night the 4th August there was a news report on seven news

The report was in revelation about ASIC not carrying out an internal investigating into their handling of Sterling First group

It was a good view Mr. Shipton I suggest you take time out to watch it

It also went on to state that Mr. Michael Sukkar stated not once but at least twice on a radio interview that there had been the internal investigation in to ASIC taken.  That was a lie.  Its bad enough Sterling thieves stole our money, now the Government is covering up.  

This has since been reported FALSE That there has never been an internal investigation. 

Mr. Shipton how about coming out of the closet and revealing the truth and nothing but the truth we need to know now. You should resign immediately.