Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet


Dear Mr Morrison,

THE STERLING GROUP COLLAPSE and ASIC FIASCO: $28.6 Million Compensation.

This is one of many letter sent to you regarding the Sterling group collapse and to my knowledge not one reply has been received.

Do you really give a toss about the people you work for? Yes that’s right you work for us but at the moment I am not sure.

Mr Prime Minister it looks like you are surrounded by some Ministers and Heads of Departments that could not lay straight in bed.

Michael Sukkar told us on radio that an internal review into the Stirling affair was being held. What a blatant lie he only told us what we wanted to hear. Is it a pre requisite that you lie to the tax payers in your Government? I demand an apology from him as in my eyes lying and cheating are a no go.

I AM FED UP WITH THE WAY EVERY ONE IS TREATING US PENSIONERS. We deserve better from the Government. I know there is a lot of those affected by this rort that have put their lives on the line for this country and to be treated like second class citizens is disgusting.

As you can tell I am mad really mad. You talk of a fair go REALLY I not think you know what a fair go is. Now let’s get to the all mighty ASIC. What a load of excrement they are. They knew about Stirling long before a lot of us got coned into this Fiasco. There has to be a Royal Commission into ASIC because at the moment all they are doing is swanning around trying to look like they are doing something but in fact all they are doing is helping the crooks like Mr Jones and Co.

Mr Prime Minister I invite you to come over to W.A. and meet the people involved in this mess and let’s see if you are really the man of the people you are trying to portray. A lot of us are getting on and time is of the essence. So please Mr Morrison spend a little of your time to look at this situation and be a Christian and make sure our money is returned and the culprits are put to justice.



Yours sincerely,