Hon.Scott Morrison MP

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet


Dear Mr Morrison.


My challenge I put  to you , Prime Minister is to come to this place  that   is supposed to be my home, after all that is what I paid  my life savings for, to  have a safe dwelling  for  retirement. Come here with a knife and stick it in my back, that is virtually what these thieves and ASIC have done.

It will be painful but quick, sounds horrific, but getting accustomed to horrific. At present we are in a slow, painful, stressful decline. Of course be prepared, All of Australia’s media will be here, you will not be able to hide behind smoke and mirrors, as you are now. I doubt you will come, because nobody wants to take responsibility.

From the Sterling thieves, to the ASIC ignorance, to the Government, all gutless, people, inflicting pain that they don’t see and don’t want to deal with.  I   didn’t vote for you or your party, and to date I know why. So prove me wrong,   show you are a good leader. 

We need $ 28.6 million compensation now. Pass the hat around, empty the piggy banks, I don’t care how you do it, but I care why. I care for my own well being and of my husbands, and of all the other victims suffering from this fiasco. There is far too many elderly citizens being abused in society, physically, verbally, in   institutions and the corporate world. This wrong can be partially resolved to ease the suffering of the elderly involved, by reinstating them their monies. I look forward to positive action from you Prime Minister.


Yours Sincerely,

DB      MVO