4TH August 2019



Hon. Scott Morrison

MP Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet


Dear Prime Minister,

This has been going on for so long, it’s beyond a joke! Something needs to be done NOW. The demand and urgency of the need for compensation, has reached critical status. There are so many elderly people left with NOTHING, including ourselves. The stress of it all is taking a huge impact on our health, and unfortunately most are in the same situation.



We have LOST all of our LIFE SAVINGS, relying on our family to be able to survive. At what point was it ok to let it get to this! If you had to rely on your children to survive, how would it make you feel??? It’s not GOOD ENOUGH that it is taking so long, meanwhile there are elderly people losing the battle of life. There was not a moment in our life that we EVER thought we would be going through something like this, and here we are, in our 60’s and have lost everything we worked for over the course of our life.


We have had more experience in working hard for 50 years and as you suggest: “People who work hard deserve a FAIR GO.” So where is our fair go? Where is the moneys we invested and compensation for everything we have had to endure. Where is the communication to let us know what is going on!!!!!


ASIC has yet again caused misery, confusion, sadness and death for the retirees and pensioners who have lost – yet again – their life savings and their homes. It is long past the time this madness can continue.


Please make this your TOP priority to settle this matter immediately and give us a little bit of hope for our future.


Yours sincerely