Re-birthing Houses - Bankers' Nirvana

Denise Brailey
Posted by Denise Brailey on Thursday, 02 August 2012 in Consumers Fight Back

So instead of re-birthing cars you developed a plan to rebirth homes?

Message to these evil Banksters:  Hand over the SERVICE CALCULATORS and explain yourselves

Which countries have you sold those repackaged securities to?  You were not re-birthing cars - you were in effect REBIRTHING HOMES!


1.   The separation of the Title Deed (as an asset) from the Mortgage Debt (as an asset)

2.   The diabolical plan and knowledge that none of Low Doc or No Doc mortgage could ever be paid back: that the debt in 20 years time would be the same amount as when you borrowed and the interest payments would be unsustainable.

3.   The express knowledge that once you handed over your Title Deeds, you would intentionally never see them again.

4.   That the credit card facility with regular letters: "do you want fries and more money with that...." would ensure the desperation of paying bills with credit cards, which as good credit rated people, had never happened before.

5.   That a craftily Bankster Specifically Designed G2 Model Buffer Loan and a  Line of Credit facilities ("LOC") would be offered on revaluations (drive by guesstimates by Brokers acting as agents of the Banksters).  So the average $500,000 loan (80%LVR based upon drive-bys) would be accompanied immediately by $100,000 LOC and three years later, the Buffer Loan would be offered as $100,000 to pile debt onto debt.

6.   Banksters KNEW from the original sign-up, that on a real income (base income) of $30,000, there would be little chance of making the payments on time, and more lovely fees could be loaded up onto the statement.  Bankers KNEW AFFORDABILITY was the KEY FLAW in the deal.  So they had to plan for you to pay payments with the bank's own money.  If a tenant was paying rent in the "initial strategy" conceived by the banks (and fed to the brokers as a selling tool), rents may not keep up with interest rate hikes and with Low Docs they jumped 4% within two years of sign-up.

7.   Mired in debt the chance of the victim ever being able to sell the investment property to save their own home had to remain at zero and to achieve this the Banksters simply added more debt on to more debt..........ENTER THE RE-FINANCE SCAM

8.   The TITLE DEED was in fact THE PRIZE.  Sold as packages to overseas markets, the home owner was no better than a tenant in his/her own home, a "security" that in fact was really snared/owned by the Bankster thieves.

9.   In order to snare the customer, your fiendish Bankster needed a Broker Channel and faceless middle-people to attempt to escape liability - the SIX LINKS IN THE CHAIN.  You needed  BDMs on huge bonus packages to pump up the volume and bring in as many assets into the system as possible.

10.   There needed to be a concentration on preying upon the "asset rich and income poor" - another bank acronym ("ARIP"s) - pensioners who owned their own homes....ask them to try a way to make an extra $10,000 income and take a well deserved'll work......they trust us.......

11.   You needed credit assessors on bigger bonuses to continually adjust the SERVICE CALCULATORS to "MAKE THE DEAL FIT."

12.   And you needed to set up the brokers to cop the full blame for anything on the LAF....and so the dumb sods at ASIC won't figure out who the real culprit is.  That way you can white out figures after the FAX is sent in.  No-one will know!

Credit Assessors were not employed to see if the client could AFFORD the loan.   They were told: "DO NOT CHECK EMPLOYMENT"

Credit Assessors were not employed to ring up the client and ask their phone call would have stopped the scam dead in it's tracks.  The banksters told their CA's "Do not ring the client...ever!"  "do not send out copies of the Loan Application Forms....never!"  Do not check with the ATO and/or ask anyone for Tax Returns..."  The service calculator is strictly confidential and not to be given to anyone...Privacy Act etc.

CA's were simply told by superior Banksters do a CRA check to say: "these people have an A1 credit rating, we need to use that to sell the RMBS packages, as the Low Docs are really sub prime loans."

The Service Calculator was then used to hoodwink the insurer as to "affordability" - the capacity of the borrower to remain in continual employment for the next 30 years even if they were currently 97 years of age!   CA's were told to massage the deal ready to send over to the insurers - and that's another story for another day!

The Service Calculator was an evil device used to con an estimated 100,000 people out of their major, and in some cases, only asset.

MESSAGE FOR BANKERS:  Hand over the SERVICE CALCULATOR FORM..., have hidden this document from the Judiciary for long enough!


Failure hand over the Titles Deeds you gained by stealth and corruption of the banking system, will result in an all out campaign to demand a ROYAL COMMISSION into your grubby little affairs.      

Our Members willl start by asking you to tell us who owns those documents and where are they located.

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