THE JONES GANG:  Like Father like Sons. 

Aided by cast of characters all WELL KNOWN TO ASIC for up to 20 years

Stolen millions and each company collapsed.............

The Liquidators' Goldmine



and the Regulator dismantled immediately

My wife and I first heard of Stirling New Life through an advert placed in West Australian newspaper .We contacted them and had a meeting in our home with Mark McKeown and from there had a viewing with Laurie Ferris at 4A Wayside Crt Ravenswood.  We were told by Laurie that any monies we paid would go into a trust fund run by Perpetual Trustees which appealed to us very much. I had only just retired and my wife was on Newstart (and still is ).

We have since been told Mr Ferris and Mr Bell were well known to ASIC 18 years ago re these type of collapsible businesses. ASIC never made an attempt to warns us beforehand. 


We had a meeting with Ryan Jones and agreed to go ahead and buy the lease for the property which was $135.000  of which $11000 was set up fees .We moved into the property in March 2017 and lived very happily until mid-last year we received a phone call from ASIC informing us they were investigating SNL but wouldn’t tell us why .   They asked if we were given all the necessary info and a PDS which we later found out was invalid .  This set off alarm bells with us and after some legal advice were advised  to move out .


We gave SNL our compulsory 6 month’s notice on the 16/8/2017 .After some deliberation between ourselves we decided we might try and get in early to get our money in case things went pear shaped and move out .   This was only done after complete guarantees from Ryan Jones (verbally) that our money was safe and that there would be no problems getting our money back .



As our 6 months termination came close to expiring we made several phone calls and emails to SNL , Ryan Jones , Simon Bell but not one of them was answered .  We moved out on the 4/12/2017 into a private rental with a small amount of money as a back up until our money came through .    This never happened , and now we live in a rental we cannott afford as our back up money has all gone and we have a very high credit card amount for which we have no idea how we are going to pay back without our redemption being met .

 We are totally convinced ASIC did not do their job in looking after us as we had also made several calls to them ( Michael Darch )and even they assured us everything was okay , no need to worry our money was safe. ASIC are responsible due to their negligence as a corporate watch dog to watch out for people like we were dealing with .


We now know ASIC had prior knowledge as far back as 2015 of what they were like and had previously been involved in scams like this before .


What I don’t understand is why these criminals are still walking free . Why run a consumer protection department inside ASIC and they protect no-one?


A day does not go by without our emotions and stress levels coming to the forefront .We don’t get a decent night’s sleep as we are always worried about what is going to happen . I was 15 when I started work and retired at 65 , during this time, even though I was sometimes out of work we never once went onto welfare and always worked our way through it .


My wife also worked and paid taxes for 45 years and now we are left with only broken hearts , dreams , misery and what-ever else you can think of .


They have stolen our dignity , our money and our children’s inheritance .