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BFCSA investigates fraud involving lenders, spruikers and financial planners worldwide.  Full Doc, Low Doc, No Doc loans, Lines of Credit and Buffer loans appear to be normal profit making financial products, however, these loans are set to implode within seven years.  For the past two decades, Ms Brailey, President of BFCSA (Inc), has been a tireless campaigner, championing the cause of older and low income people around the Globe who have fallen victim to banking and finance scams.  She has found that people of all ages are being targeted by Bankers offering faulty lending products. BFCSA warn that anyone who has signed up for one of these financial products, is in grave danger of losing their home.


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Led by award-winning consumer advocate Denise Brailey, BFCSA (Inc) are a group of people who are concerned about the appalling growth of Loan Fraud around the world. BFCSA (Inc) is a not for profit organisation in the spirit of global community concern and justice.

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BFCSA: Who have our BANKS bought? Which Pollies are on the Payroll?

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Comment by a reader Bayden Rodgers Tuesday, 18 March 2014 ·                          

Who have our BANKS bought? Which Pollies are on the Payroll?

You have to wonder just which politicians and ASIC executives our BANKS have managed to buy this massive scale bank fraud has now been out in the open for some time but no one with the power to investigate seems to want to take them on. Even with the so called Root and Branch Investigation organised by our treasurer they conveniently found the only man suitable to head it up is an ex-CEO of the Commonwealth Bank and look at all the conflict that Banks is embroiled in.

The media find time to air just snippets of information then use high profile financial (so called) experts to divert the attention away from the Banks and place it back on as they call them Maverick Brokers. This is totally misleading because if these Media players were to be really informing the public they would be making it very clear that although the Broker may have given the Bank misleading information about their client they CAN NOT and DO NOT APPROVE LOANS. This is where all of the reporting and investigative powers fall over horribly.  Brokers source the contacts, they prepare documents for consideration for the Banks, but the BANKS APPROVE THE LOANS not the Brokers.

So when you see and every time you see reports of yet another maverick Broker we should all be ringing the TV Stations and asking what Bank was the Broker using to approve the crooked loans. Of course our Treasurer and the Media could certainly put it out there to make everybody aware their Loan Application Form (LAF) is also a document you have a right to in full and in its original form because if you don't hold it yourself the BANKS WILL DESTROY IT/THEM.

In the last year of office by our previous Government legislation snuck through without any fanfare that BANKS were allowed to destroy YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and they could hold them just as electronic copies. This was another masterful stroke by our under regulated Banking Industry yet again pulling the wool over our politicians eyes. Of course if you were not being underhand the legislation should have read, after offering your customer your co-contractor in this mortgage document the opportunity to hold the original documents and contracts for themselves should they reject that invitation which should be extended to the customer in writing and a response returned in writing it may be disposed of and retained in electronic format.

None of this information is ever extended to the public and yet these changes in contractual obligation must pass through parliament and be registered with ASIC.  How hard would it be to advertise the fact your original documents were no longer in paper format and if you want these documents you must or your BANK must contact each other to arrange their safe keeping?

This lack of information can not keep happening.  All the players involved in receiving hush payments by Bankster (and it must be happening) will be implicated in this cartel operation when finally it is exposed, nothing can or ever has in history stayed locked away forever. Human beings have a built in device called a conscience and many people, crooked ones that is, can function for long periods of time without it playing a part in their normal function, but it has a way of slowly creeping up because it is closely related to guilt. There is a weak link in every chain and this chain has extended to too many people for it not to have one with a conscience or feelings of guilt for the position yours or a compatriot has left a decent soul in.

It is never too late even if you are guilty, whistleblowers do get concessions. Oh and you will rid yourself of that horrible thing called a guilty conscience.

    Comment by Jacob Smails Tuesday, 18 March 2014 ·                         

    So right someone has to have been bought off

    So right Bayden if no one will touch this issue but people keep scouting around it not all can be as it appears. There must be directives coming from someone or from somewhere to have a look but don't open up a can of worms. You are right on the money little snippets ooze out from time to time and the media expose a broker or two but never does the spotlight shine anywhere near a bank.

    As far as documents go that surely can't be right that banks can destroy original forms and contracts. No one in their right mind would allow that to happen, would they?  After hearing about this I am going to ask, no demand my originals, they can't do that and the brokers are also without cover if the originals are destroyed so the bank can make anybody their scapegoat now.

    So why didn't the law get passed that the customer must be asked if they want to keep their original documentation? I always thought at least the contract must be kept in paper format as it contains my signature and the banker and the witnesses signatures as well. That is totally insane if this is true and yet again not a murmur from the media and the government didn't even send one of their silly little flyers saying "did you know banking is about to change" we are going to allow them to shred all your documents and contracts. Now if that one had of got out there would have been a rebellion.  

    No wonder it was kept so quiet.

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  • doyla66
    doyla66 Wednesday, 19 March 2014


    All underhanded bank games and a hell of a lot of pollies have been sucked in by not realising how sinister and evil the banking game is. How powerful is the bankster dollars when it comes to silence from these politicians.

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Thursday, 20 March 2014

    Pretty powerful and very evil if one casts their mind back through the bowels of history for history does indeed have a habit of repeating itself alas and this is exactly what has been happening. Our pollies have been well and truly suckered in as much as we were and I think some of them might even know it. Just hope the pollies wake up in time and realise they alone have the power to put a stop to it AND are brave enough to do it for ASIC and all those regulators have shown their true colours and proven they are too lily livered to do any more than pick up crumbs and offer crumbs!

  • doyla66
    doyla66 Friday, 21 March 2014

    Take your money away from Bank

    Why not remove all your funds from the Bank and see what happens, Banks start closing like Cars stop production....

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