As a simple retired person and obviously not business savvy, even I cannot get over the gall and unmitigated temerity of the Big 4 banks not to pass on the RBA rate cut in full. This is in direct defiance of the P.M. a former banker himself warning them pre election to get their houses in order.

Poor Malcolm is torn between his loyalty to his brothers in arms to that of his own political future. The banks have had a fore taste of the Australian public howling for openness and transparency in our financial system, has their combined greed over shadowed common sense? Malcolm and his cohorts only just got in by the skin of their teeth and with Labor promising a Royal Commission it would only take one or two pollies to die or retire with by elections to follow to upset the apple cart.

The fact the PM and Treasurer are now putting the onus onto the banks to "please explain"why not the full cut is a sign that the government is trying to distance themselves. It will be interesting once parliament resumes in full and with the mix in the Senate as to how the banksters can avoid a Royal Commission.

I personally have been going to battle against the banks since 2007 and its only been Denise and BFCSA's relentless push for justice and accountability that is finally coming to fruition with the backing of the Labor party and minors plus the general public has had an absolute gut full of the banksters arrogance. Malcolm and his cronies have been bed fellows with the banksters for far to long and apart from himself many of his party have close affiliation with the banks like Kelly O Dwyer former NAB executive so many Coalition pollies were former bankers and no doubt have the future in mind when their political careers are over so once again we have a conflict of interests and this is why a RC into the banks is imperative so everything can be open, honest, transparent and none of this b/s where former bank heads like David Murray head the investigations.

My personal argument that I have presented to numerous politicians, ASIC, police etc is that if some person or persons alter facts and figures on a contract after you have signed and without your knowledge or consent then its fraud and not the b/s maladministration in lending crap and people should be held accountable so why has it been so hard for our so called regulators to accept this. The fact Greg Medcraft heads ASIC just confirms my suspicion that the lunatics are running the asylum.