Dear members

Just saw the pro mo for Four Corners next week and its a full exposure of Commonwealth Financial Planning with interviews with the victims and the main whistle blower Jeff Morris. There was no mention in the pro mo for ASIC but logic and the presence of Jeff Morris would indicate that he will give them full exposure.

Will the Commonwealth Bank or maybe Peter Kell reply as he did to James Wheeldons claims on the ABC? A fortnight out from an agressive budget and a call to cull a top heavy public service does not bode well for ASIC. At present this morning Friday 2/5/14 the government is gaugeing the public response to the Audit recommendations from yesterday trying to work out what to implement without committing political suicide at the next election.

Dear members I ask you do you think anyone in Australia apart from the banksters would shed a tear for a major shake up or cull at ASIC. Greg Medcraft and the useless Commissioners plus the whole ASIC expenditure program costs this country a small fortune so maybe the Senate inquiry plus all the recent bad media at last might force the government to act and either restructure ASIC and make it accountable or form a whole new consumer protection body that has a defined task to protect the consumer first and not the banks as was so dramatically stated by Senator Bishop at the ASIC inquiry in Canberra last month.Thanks Neil T.