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Breaking News – High Court sets precedent against fraudulent banks

24 Jun 2010

High Court rules against financier of low-doc loans

Message from Matt Norman;

Before I let you read another great article by Anthony Klan, I just wanted to add my own thoughts on this outstanding result. This news comes just in time for my own high court application on the same grounds as below.

The Supreme Court “MELBOURNE” are going to finally look at the professional misconduct of all cases against the banks they have deliberately turned away when they see the thousands of people who have all been led by the banks and the courts into losing homes, suicide, family breakups, bankruptsy because they are not allowing self litigants the chance to have their case heard.

I also would like to say that the Supreme Court in Melbourne needs to learn a few things about Natural justice. It seems NSW Supreme Court and the High Court are listening and are showing that Banks are not above the law.

What this case means is that a precedent has been set. So let me explain how this case works positively with my own case against the Bank.

.        My alleged loan was a low-doc, no-doc home loan. I had no income for several years leading up to the home loan application. The bank didn’t do any due diligence.


.        The Ballarat National Australia Bank then refused my financial hardship requests and instead gave me a second mortgage with a higher interest rate knowing that I couldn’t pay the first one. The second loan was used by the bank to pay off the first loan (predatory lending at it’s best). Double dipping.!!


.        Then when I couldn’t pay both loans they then defaulted my family. Already knowing that we were in a bad position.


.        We took it to Supreme Court Melbourne who refused to allow us discovery of documents.


.        Natural Justice is when a judge is meant to give each side the same opportunities to make their case. The Melbourne Supreme Court refused to allow my defence and counterclaim. Stating “NO PROSPECT OF SUCCESS”. Even though I had all the same issues as the case that just won in the High Court. In other words Justice was never going to be done because the Supreme Court Judges presiding over my case just refused to allow me to ask for evidence from the bank. That is Professional misconduct and a breach of my right to Natural Justice.


.        I was threatened by a court official inside the court which again went un-punished.


.        I was accused of writing the judge a letter without the judge also accusing the bank of setting me up to look bad. Still no justice as again my appeal was denied for normal process.


.        I then went up against the Chief Justice WARREN. She is meant to know better. She is meant to have the brains to look at both sides of the story. Instead, she had already made her ruling before I walked in the door. Again, not allowing any discovery or proper process.


.        During my appeals I made it clear that the National Australia Bank had been in contempt by allowing a fake person to sign the Affidavit’s (evidence and allegations from the bank) by a Ms Ashwathi Murlidhar. All the judges had to do was ask the Plaintiff if my accusations were true and to test that allegation. Did they………. Of course not. Why……… because they knew. They knew all along that the bank had been in contempt of court and did nothing about it.


.        I gave the National Australia Bank every opportunity to come clean but they flat-out refused. They played fraud from the day I got this alleged loan to now.

.        They are frauds and criminals all of them.

           Australia should not let these people go unpunished.


Kevin Pringle & Gadens Lawyers - The worst offender through out this entire saga has been Kevin Pringle and Gadens Lawyers. What they have done in the last 12 months has been nothing short of Criminal. Pringle has helped the National Australia Bank get away with financial murder. He has lied, bullied, frauded the system, been in contempt of court and even threatened my wife and I.

Mr Pringle is not a lawyer. He should not be practicing law. He should be in jail.

Gadens Lawyers are known for their professional misconduct, deceit and complete unethical behavior. It’s not just my case but so many others I have spoken to have had the same horrific stories of how Gadens Lawyers have done everything possible including being in contempt just to lie for the banks. An inquiry must be made against Gadens Lawyers for their corruption.

So my last post was a bit of the background of the story.

This below is the greatest news ever which will guarantee that the banks in this country lose BILLIONS of dollars and will allow tens of thousands of home owners the chance to have their mortgage re-payments ripped up.

I hope every person who has been illegally stitched up by their bank, takes them to court.

 The most important thing to do right now is Pull all of your money out of the banks. The banks have no money and they are using our own assets against us.


High Court rules against financier of low-doc loans

                          by: Anthony Klan

                          From: The Australian

                          June 23, 2012


THE nation’s lenders may face a raft of claims from borrowers who were stung by improper lending practices after the High Court yesterday flatly rejected an appeal by a Brisbane financier.

Firstmac had sought to overturn two NSW Supreme Court decisions that had set precedents favouring borrowers saddled with loans they could never afford during the last property boom.

Neil Jenman, whose charitable trust partly funded the legal costs of three victims in the cases involving Firstmac — who had all faced losing their homes — said yesterday’s finding was a relief after seven years of battling the lender.

“This case cost our side $3 million, but it couldn’t have happened without our lawyers doing about $2m worth of work pro bono,” Mr Jenman said.

“Firstmac has spent millions more fighting the case than the amount it was hoping to recover from the borrowers, but this case sets a precedent, which is why they fought so hard to stop it.”

The High Court was resounding in its denial of Firstmac’s appeal, rejecting the bid even before the lawyers for the victims put their case.

Firstmac founder and chief executive Kim Cannon said he was disappointed by the ruling.

The court heard three borrowers received large “low-doc” loans from Firstmac after their mortgage broker, Streetwise, inflated their stated incomes on application forms.

Firstmac did not take any steps to verify the incomes, such as telephoning the borrowers before approving the loans.

The borrowers were encouraged to invest their loans in property developments to be undertaken by Streetwise, but the projects collapsed and all the money was lost.

One of the borrowers, Maria Di Benedetto, said the court ruling was “fantastic”.

“Seven years of not being able to get on with our lives has been hell,” she said. “It’s an amazing feeling knowing we have our house back.”

As revealed by The Australian, improper lending practices involving low-doc loans were rampant during the five years leading up to the 2008 global financial crisis.

The low-doc loans facilitated this activity because the lenders did not verify the income levels stated on loan forms.

Mortgage brokers were paid hefty fees to inflate incomes and other financial information.