David Collyer was right.

Denise's evidence and assertions are based in many years' research. There is no room for speculation in the black and white of her evidence. It's FRAUD. What is more it is intentional, premeditated and well organised systemic fraud.

How can the regulators and the politicians deny the facts and keep their credibility? They can't.

Further evidence has been revealed since the initial hearing at the Senate Inquiry. It underlines the even greater need for a Royal Commission.

The Australian public want the truth. Investors want the truth. Borrowers want the truth. Our international reputation is also under scrutiny.

Surely it is part of the job description of any chief regulator or parliamentary representative to supply informed, well-researched answers not off the cuff comments based on assumptions and their own opinion in order to protect their jobs! They are paid handsomely to supervise and ensure the stability our Finance Industry. Some of the answers we have received from politicians and regulators indicate very clearly that no research or proper consideration has gone into their replies. They have already failed us in their laxity and indifference to breaches of Law by the lending industry and the prevention of financial crime. They continue to fail us through their inability to provide intelligent and thoughtful answers to our formal letters and requests for their attention to business. Something is clearly wrong with their thinking if they can fail their constituents and their employers, the Australian public, in such a basic way. History will judge these individuals for their failure to heed the warnings and attend to the proper business of their office.

To continue to fail to act in accordance with their commissions in the face of widespread and consistent evidence of systemic fraud is to fail in their jobs. It beggars belief that they can do this so blatantly and think they can get away with it. They are failing in that mission as well. I suspect they have all accepted the inevitable and are busy shredding documents that could incriminate them.

Accordingly I call for the resignation of the relevant ministers, chief regulators and staff for their complete incompetence and indifference to the breaches of Law that have led to the widespread abuse, suffering and deaths of our citizens at the hands of indifferent regulators and cruel lending fraternity. 

I also call for the resignation of the relevant shadow ministers who have failed to challenge the government on their record of regulatory failure and silent compliance with criminals. Not knowing is some defense. Knowing and failing to act is a far greater crime.

I commend David Collyer, John Williams, the Senate Committee, a handful of elected representatives and the ever vigilant Australian media for their willingness to listen, to observe, to read and to take on board the possibility that Denise's evidence constitutes the emerging tip of the iceberg in Australia's own home grown Loan Fraud nightmare.

We now have evidence of what appears to be corruption of our regulatory system by those behind the Loan Fraud. This is now showing up in reports in the mainstream media, way beyond the tabloids. This is a very serious matter. Still our government maintains a wall of silence while the evidence mounts to the point where it will eventually topple that wall and all that hide behind it. Watch this space.

As this Loan Fraud Scandal is the product of laxity by regulators and associated corruption of their office on the watch of both sides of the house and others, which spans many years of Australian financial history, there are many questions to be asked, many stories to be told and many items of documentary proof to be tabled.

The most fitting and proper place for this to occur is through the established and time honoured process of a Royal Commission.

How much suffering could our parliament be preventing by calling for this to occur now?

How much pain and distress, how many deaths, could our parliament be preventing by calling for a moratorium on involuntary liquidations?

It is beyond me what they are waiting for or why they are dithering, as I'm certain it is for the thousands of other people affected either directly or indirectly by the complete abdication of duty by our regulators resulting in the fraud loans, illegal and secret securitisation of our loans and the selling off of our homeland by our banks and our government whom we can prove are profiting from this criminal activity.

One of our members reached the point of total desperation this week. This is the direct result of the complete and cold-hearted failure of our Australian system of care and “justice” to assist and support her through the shock, distress and long, drawn out, complex and overwhelming experiences involved in the resolution of a Loan Fraud dispute and extended dealings with irresponsible banking and lending corporations while experiencing hardship over many years.  

I know you will all agree when I say that there is NO EXCUSE for the way this woman has been treated by the callous and indifferent Australian system.

Our Australian government and regulators are trying to deny the problem.

Our representatives on all sides of the house are trying to deny the problem.  

The Banking and lending industry are trying to deny the problem.

Can you even begin to imagine how ordinary Australian borrowers, most of whom do not have law degrees or even tertiary education, are feeling in the midst of all this stress, denial and cover up?

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There is no reasonable or humane alternative.